NIKIPEDIA is a brand new kind of theatrical experience; Nothing quite like it has ever been attempted before.

The cut and thrust of the pop charts; the high-brow, low-brow, no-brow worlds of a professional dancer; the rough end of 1980’s London and the truth about what went on in Teletubbyland (she was and is the original LaaLaa) Nikky Smedley has lived through it all. During NIKIPEDIA you, as the audience, get to choose which honest and funny stories* she tells.


And it’s not just an evening of her own stories; Nikky invites you to share some of your best tales too (but only if you want to – no pressure here!)


At the heart of NIKIPEDIA is the belief in the power of stories to bring us together, to realise that we have more in common than that which separates us, and that our individual stories contain the truths that unite us. In these divisive times, surely that can only be a good thing.


Each show is unique

*May contain Strong Language

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