Who we are

Our website address is: https://nikipedia.online.


What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We keep as little data as possible to enable the minimal functioning of the website. No personal information such as names, address, login details etc are stored on our page. We may direct you to other pages such as for performances and shows and any interaction on those sites is bound by the respective privacy policies.



When visitors leave comments after a performance they are anonymised and manually entered on the site as quotes.
No direct commenting is available on any part of this site. To leave comments, please email or view the facebook page in the menu links at the top right of any page.

Contact forms

When you click to email us, a popup will open your mail software and populate it with our email address. This is a standard html function and no data is collected or saved to your computer.


We don’t collect or use any cookies from our main site.

The performances page uses an embedded javascript widget that comes Elfsight – https://elfsight.com.
The third party embedded software from Elfsight uses 1 cookie to store information and its purpose is to make sure that each person’s views of the widget are not counted more often than once in 15 seconds, to prevent our customers from getting too many views. Apart from that, we don’t use any other cookies, and we don’t collect or store any personal information.


We don’t use any tracking or analytics at all. No jetpack. No google ads. No google tracking. No google analytics.


Who we share your data with

We don’t share any personal identifying information. Comments given at performances will be anonymised and may be shared with other third party for marketing quotes.

How long we retain your data

We dont register users on our site and do not keep any personal data.
Comments will be kept for the lifecycle of the tour/nikipedia project but are anonymised.

Where we send your data

Only Nikky will collect comments from Facebook or after the performances and after anonymising will update this website with those comments as quotes. No data is shared with any third party.

Your contact information

email nikky@nikipedia.online for any privacy or gdpr concerns